First Line: Intelligent Facial Recognition Video Surveillance Equipment

Whether you are a gas station owner concerned about armed robbery, an organization with secure spaces for drugs, arms or data systems, or a school that wants to limit who can enter, having the right security systems in place is critical.

First Line’s intelligent facial recognition, video surveillance software by Blue Line Technology is a non-intrusive, but rigorously precise, identity-verification system.

Every face is scanned
Everyone who approaches a First Line monitored doorway is scanned and recognized. Because when you know who is trying to access your building, you can take the right action and prevent incidents.

Built-in intelligence
Unlike other products on the market, First Line is automatic. No one needs to watch the First Line security appliance station monitor for the system to work.

First Line automatically triggers text and email alerts when it sees a troublemaker, and it can be configured to actuate the locks to permit or prevent entry.

The facial-recognition software’s intelligence features include

  • Real-time threat detection.
  • Instant alerts give you time to react and prevent incidents.
  • Access controls unlock any monitored door.
  • Concierge capabilities mean you can be notified of the arrival of guests, VIPs or important customers.

Major organizations depend on First Line
First Line can be used in a wide range of commercial, institutional, government, and hospitality premises such as

  • Schools
  • Retail outlets
  • Hospitals
  • Condo and apartment buildings
  • Elder care facilities
  • Pharmacy and drug vaults

logo_first_lineFirst Line was developed by Blue Line Technology to help organizations provide safe and secure environments for the people who work there.

First Line’s suite of security features and the system’s flexibility are a direct result of an ongoing collaboration between the company’s technical and security experts. Blue Line’s security specialists have served with the police and armed forces. Together they have more than 120 years of law enforcement expertise.

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