First Line: Intelligent Facial Recognition Video Surveillance Equipment

  • Intelligent Biometric Solution designed by former law enforcement and military officers with 125 years combined experience to proactively detect, deter and protect people and property.

  • Unique, accurate, fast and non-intrusive facial biometric with immediate alerts that improves organizational security, safety and compliance.

    to discuss adding facial recognition technology to your video security system.

  • New two factor facial biometric that integrates seamlessly into an existing or new access control system.

  • Deployed in night time retail environments as an armed robbery and theft deterrent and to improve customer and employee safety.  Contact us for more information on our crime reduction stats and strategies.


Retail Application

The “Face is The Key” feature is designed to keep doors locked if the security software detects a threat approaching.

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Face/Networked (unknown/alert)

In the Controlled Access Setting, all features of the Face Only setting remain, we have now introduced each appliance to a network.

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Pharma Application

There have been documented fines for organizations that have failed to meet these compliance standards ranging from $2.2 Million to $80 Million.

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Two Factor Authentication – 2FA-FLRS

Government applications with "Access Control" Threat Detection and Investigative.

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