KMOX's Megan Lynch visits Blue Line

Using facial recognition to keep offenders out

2F Secured Access At A Glance

An ultimate compliment to any security architecture even legacy appliances.

Convienece Store, Access At A Glance

Improving your customer and employee experience

Corporate Access

Without a costly rip and replace project.

Reinforcing prevention, promoting deterrence, with ID verification 

Retail Access Application

Our “Glance Access” application, FirstLine, is a powerful proactive deterrent to the problems posed by masked or hidden face, "bad actors" with malicious intent.

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Corporate Access

Without a costly rip and replace project.

Facing complex safety, security, and regulatory compliance challenges? Our FirstLine proactively identifies, recognizes, and validates, those who have permissions to access buildings and secure areas. 

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Facility Management

From healthcare and educational facilities to high end tenants looking to add a layer of security to their existing system. FirstLine adds a 2nd factor touchless capability to compliment access control.

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Enhance your legacy technology

Hands-free access, addressing hygienic requirements

How do you add a secondary access control solution to any system? Blueline Technology has developed a process that runs in parallel to existing system without requiring a costly rip and replace project. A true second factor access feature does not have to be bound to the legacy system.

Improving the shopping experience with touchless access control allows the customer to enter the store with just a glance and the assurance that bad actors are discouraged from entering.

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We can help you create a secondary access control solution that doesn't require a complete