Blue Line Technology Announces 5th School Installation with “Growing Footprints”

Facial recognition software a ‘game-changer’ in Access Control and Threat Detection.

art_growign-footprintsLOUIS, MO – Blue Line Technology, an emerging leader in security and access control solutions, announces its 5th installation of facial recognition and ID Verification in school applications from Pre -K to High School. First Line Facial Recognition is a state-of-the-art camera based system developed by veterans of law enforcement is designed for threat detection, access control and concierge applications with a robust service distribution across many industries.

“Our focus in the schools is in concert with providing the most advanced technology available to protect our educators and students with controlled access by authorized individuals.  We are excited to be working with school leaders as they address their most important aspect of education, the security and welfare of their students”, said Paul Brauss, CEO of Blue Line Technology.  “With the state-of-the-art software our system harnesses, we’re able to offer the most sophisticated facial recognition technology and ID verification on the market. Our recent developments which allow us to compliment card systems with second-part authentication eliminate card-theft as a vulnerability to some systems.”

In order to implement First Line Facial Recognition, the school creates a database that is custom-designed for their specific needs.  The system then monitors, detects and alerts the user when a threat or unknown subject’s face is captured.  The face is then placed into one of three categories: known, unknown or alert.  If the face is known and cleared, access is granted.  If the face is unknown or identified as a threat, access is not granted and an alert is sent to the user.

“There are many times when domestic situations escalate at work or at schools,” continued Brauss. “When this occurs, we can set up our system to recognize the face of the person who made the threat and deny access to a building where an incident could potentially take place.  It’s a practice in preventative policing and will save innocent lives.”

About Blue Line Technology
Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, Blue Line Technology was launched by retired law enforcement officers to be an industry leader in both threat detection and access control.  Their landmark product, First Line Facial Recognition, uses state-of-the-art technology to monitor, detect and alert users when a threat or unknown subject’s face is captured by the system. For more information, visit