Allman Exclusive: Device That Reads Faces Could Help Prevent And Solve Crime

A new device could give law enforcement in St. Louis a lot of help solving crimes, and in a lot of cases keeping some crime from ever happening. Blue Line Technology’s facial recognition software lets the owners of everything from convenience stores, hotels, or any other building where people might come in and potentially cause trouble use cameras to track suspects in crimes and other incidents more easily.

A couple of convenience stores in the St. Louis area are using it to keep potential criminals from ever getting inside, and they say they are already seeing results. The technology lets the owner match a face to a potential problem, maybe even a serious criminal action, so that person could be restricted from coming back in the future. The two convenience stores using Blue Line’s technology can set the system up to lock doors during overnight hours if someone tries to enter with something covering their faces.

Blue Line tells The Allman Report that the technology could even be used on Metrolink trains, where there have been several violent criminal incidents during the past few years.


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