Blue Line Technology has Patent Issued

Blue Line Technology today announced the January 1, 2019 issue of US Patent No. 10,169,644 for human facial detection and recognition system.  Successful facial recognition technology is a dynamic and exciting possibility.  Facial recognition has become one of the most important, fastest growing, biometric authentication methods in the last few years.  The Blue Line team has worked to overcome industry challenges of other facial recognition solutions with a unique and superior approach to the solution.

Blue Line Technology’s solution recognizes and verifies identification in motion in real time.  The system solutions have been deployed in commercial properties, retail stores,  law enforcement, schools and places of business with proven track record of deterrence in crime, workplace violence as well as crime solving capabilities.  The IoT (Internet of things) approach provides the ability to be teamed with other security measures avoiding costly “replacement” requirements of other systems.  The Blue Line Technology solution,

“Blue Line Technology is advancing a strategy of prevention by addressing the 4 D’s of security – Deter, Detect, Delay, Deny while providing a welcoming experience for access.  In our interviews with client’s, employees, store customers and HR executives we continue to hear positive response to the added capabilities our solution has provided to traditional security solutions,” reports Paul Brauss CEO of Blue Line Technology.

About Blue Line Technology

Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, Blue Line Technology was launched by retired law enforcement officers to be an industry leader in both threat detection and access control.  Their landmark product, First Line Facial Recognition, uses state-of-the-art technology to monitor, detect and alert users when a threat or unknown subject’s face is captured by the system.

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