I can’t tell you how rewarding it was when we received an e-mail from Kush Hans, the owner of AM/PM in Yakima Washington where a store clerk had been killed the previous year that simply read, “I just want to say thank you, your system has prevented a robbery at my store this morning at 1:20AM. Thanks, Kush”. As the video shows, these armed bandits didn’t show the camera a human face, therefore the door remained locked. Disaster averted!!

Criminologist Dr. Daniel Isom who has reviewed our case study, summarized it the best;

“The solution presented by Blue Line Technology in a retail setting can produce a very subtle behavior modification, which can lead to positive results. The Blue Line deterrence solution, in a retail environment, can also provide a feeling of safety to customers and employees. The overall design of the solution at the entrance, before the shopping experience, can deter undesirable behavior. This feature is not intrusive but a behavioral clue warning individuals they are under surveillance. The benefit of using the face as a “key” to unlock a door is that it reminds those with ill intentions that being caught is highly likely and not worth the risk.”

Blue Line facial recognition solutions are patented and made in the USA.