Blue Line Technology’s Story


The increase in the use of surveillance cameras has grown exponentially over the past few short years. The obvious advantages include deterring criminal activity, reduce criminal behavior and capturing for record any action that is seen as unproductive, unscrupulous and potentially harmful to another person. The debates on the use of surveillance range from “big brother” watching every step I take or very real concerns of privacy invasion. These concerns can’t be readily addressed but it is apparent that as time moves forward, we are growing more accustomed to seeing the cameras and our comfort levels for this fact while initially very low continue to increase with time.

But surveillance alone can’t stop theft, rather it is used to record footage for later viewing and help law enforcement apprehend criminals “after the fact” or better said – “after the act”. The better description of a typical surveillance system is that of a forensic approach to law enforcement and property assessment. Surveillance systems are not designed to alert police, or business managers allowing for someone to take preventive actions. This really means that the business or the individuals will incur losses unrecoverable with going to court, make insurance claims or purchase inventory that may have been stolen. These losses ultimately make you feel unsafe and the hardened criminal understand this time lag from observation to apprehension and uses this time to their advantage.   You could argue that surveillance systems are manned and someone does see the activity real time. This premise is misguided because surveillance rooms are growing bigger and bigger and what the observer needs is an alert system that helps stir them to the event that may require closer scrutiny.

And what about other ID Verification needs – As thieves become more technologically advanced the need for secondary ID Verification grows as well. No longer is it enough to provide a pin code or a card swipe to identify yourself. These items are easily replicated allowing thieves the opportunity to steal your identify, pose as someone else providing opportunity for mischievous activity and pending peril. Biometric utilization is on the rise as these advances allow a second tier of verification and visitor management.

Part of the mission is to develop a facial recognition solution that can complement existing security investments and be implemented in conjunction with existing equipment working together to continue to provide the forensics that are necessary but also to enable an added alert capability that could change the outcome substantially. That’s what the proven experts at Blue Line Technology have been focused on. Their mission to provide law enforcement, property owners, business leaders and HR executives with the tools that when implemented could change the outcome more favorably for the potential victims. This team working with videography experts has developed state of the art, real time, capabilities to the world of surveillance. Their mission also included the goal to make this product non- intrusive to the user and seamless to simple acts of entry control, surveillance recognition, investigations, video event management, and threat detection. This solution with digital camera technology, is a strong reason why facial recognition is emerging as a premium product that is priced competitively.


Used in concert with surveillance systems and other devices that help control entrance, the Facial Recognition capabilities can trigger a video response in a typical command cen
ter set up with one video screen dedicated to alerts on people. The camera is dedicated for facial recognition functionality via an IP address. The camera reads the face and compares data to a dedicated data base. If an alert is detected a message is sent vial email or text, or other determined methods, through the client server. The alert can actuate power control devices of any nature including holding a credit card, locking a door, stopping a transaction. Cameras that are positioned correctly are dedicated for facial recognition in key people “funnels” like hallways, doorways, gates or other area where people are directed. This patent pending capability will read the face, compare it to a data base controlled by the client and provide a reading in real time. There are no reasons to pause or interact with the device, as required by other biometrics, including the other facial recognition on the market. The Blue Line Technology solution was developed over years of experience with law enforcement and military experienced veterans. Their knowledge and experience coupled with years of development and collaboration with premier scientist in the industry have developed the solution that is not intrusive and yet provides a signal or alert detecting known threats “real time”. Adding this layer of enhancement to existing surveillance provides an added benefit to prevention to many situations.


Blue Line Technology has proven installations in the field of enhanced surveillance with businesses requiring alerts for threat detection and employee foot traffic to and from work areas. Blue Line is already proving to be a valuable tool focused on saving lives, preventing personal harm, preventing monetary loss and helping investigations throughout North America. The product has been able to eliminate key fobs in some applications and in other applications works in conjunction to provide a 2 layer approach to securing individual areas or entire buildings. Blue Line’s system is the fastest most accurate alert generating system on the facial recognition market. The First Line facial recognition software provides peace of mind that an event is now even more unlikely. Used in the city courts to identify known threats, First Line provided the enhancement that metal detectors and guards needed to apprehend criminals before they were able to carry out their threats. Used in schools this system has provided an extra layer of security the parents and teachers were looking for as part of their plan to eliminate unknown people from entering the schools. Used by law enforcement the system has identified hardened criminals in real time as they entered key structures. Having the records to help officials investigate crimes or acts of violence are important but having a system that also alerts the right authorities to prevent the crime is not only the most cost advantaged solution but also the solution that will save lives.

The durability has been tested against IRIS scans, finger print reads and other facial recognition software capabilities, all requiring an interaction with the device. This non – intrusive system provided higher accuracy, less interference and a much more comfortable solution than other biometrics on the market.