About Blue Line Technology

About Blue Line Technology and facial recognition

The management team at Blue Line Technology, driven by a vision to proactively protect people and property, set out on a mission to change the face of video surveillance and to enhance access control safety and security.

We are pleased to say we were able to turn that vision into reality with our patented First Line “Glance Access” biometric facial recognition software solution.  “Glance Access” has delivered impressive results in various vertical markets and use cases. Our clients have been able to proactively protect their employees, customers, property, and brand.  Clients have met or exceeded their key performance and return on investment metrics. Some examples of success are the solution has; reduced robberies and product loss in retail assisted companies to improve OSHA workplace safety and violence compliance. First Line has also added a new dimension to a business chain of custody reporting requirements and improved building access control, safety, and security and improved time and attendance reporting.

The initial management team was composed of experienced and seasoned law enforcement veterans and the US Army; Thomas Sawyer – Detective SLMPD, Joseph Spiess – Major SLMPD, who understood the benefits of “prevention” at a time when most security investigations were forensic and  “after the fact”.  Joining the founders were senior business and technology leaders that understood the solutions’ potential value and benefit and joined the organization as investor/managers;  Paul Brauss as the CEO, Dr. George Michaels as the CTO and Don Deason as the VP of Strategic Partnerships. Each of these business executives combined with the original team set the stage for growth. Rounding out the formative leadership team is Gabe Keithley –  Director Customer Engagement (Congressionally recognized for “bravery under fire”).