First Line Facial Recognition Software Protects Students & Teachers

Keeping school children safe has challenges unlike those faced by retail, commercial and public institutions.

School facility and security staff must assess real and perceived threats, and find a way to monitor and manage potential threats, without making the school into a prison.

“Schools struggle to manage non-students on their campuses,” said Blue Line Senior Partner Maj. Joseph Spiess. “Mostly they are parents with something for their child. But they could be an estranged parent who has custody problems or a restraining order, or an expelled student up to mischief. That is when things have the potential to get out of hand.”

Spiess, a 32-year veteran police officer, leads a team of security experts at Blue Line Technology. He is a certified expert in workplace and school violence prevention strategies.

First Line intelligent facial recognition kit for school security
First Line software provides schools with an automatic, unmonitored school security system that will keep track of who is on the school campus and send text or email alerts if the software detects a threat.

The kit comprises three parts: The First Line software, the security appliance station and a server with a network connection. The kit can be scaled to cover multiple entryways and can be integrated with turnstiles and metal detectors.

First Line’s security advantages for schools

You’ll know who is on campus

Students, teachers, administrators, contractors, delivery people and other authorized people can be added to the First Line database and categorized as Known.

First Line will record and keep a record of people who are not in the database (Unknowns) and, if you wish, the system can send alerts to school managers when they enter the campus.

In the event of a fire or other emergency, you’ll have a record of who is on the property.

You’ll be notified of threats in the school

Threats, such as a parent with a restraining order, expelled students, gang members, panhandlers, local pedophiles and others can be added to the database.

If First Line reads their faces at the school door, the software will immediately send an alert by text or email to all faculty and staff or just to designated school authorities.

You can manage truancy

Student arrival and leaving times can be time stamped. The system can be configured to send an alert to school staff if a student leaves early.

Doors unlock for law enforcement during lock down

When your school is locked down, First Line can unlock a door when it recognizes the faces of selected police or security personnel who have been programmed into First Line.

First Line facial recognition is easy to use

School security operators don’t need any special computer skills to use First Line. The system works automatically and requires no one to monitor it.

Adding new faces to the database is easy and takes a few seconds.

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