Face/Networked (unknown/alert)

In the Controlled Access Setting, all features of the Face Only setting remain, we have now introduced each appliance to a network.  Think of this as moving from an “on-prem” solution to a multisite or offsite alert notification solution.  Our edge appliance will now have to be licensed to communicate with an offsite server in order to receive updated person registration information.


An event took place at “Store 1234” and a photo was captured of the individual responsible for the event.  Using this photo to create an alert registration of the individual, this registration can now be automatically shared between locations that have the same client id.  If the individual responsible for the past event returns to a location, (does not have to be the location of the original incident), the door will not open, and a message will be sent to the people who were included in the initial registration.  This alert message can be received in text message and/or email form.  Along with the message an audible alert can be triggered to alert the person onsite of an event.  Below is an example of the alert messaging.  The first photo in the message is from the original incident while the second is from a return attempt to gain access.

Privacy concerns are addressed by the fact that no name or personal information is required in this setting.  What the capability provides is a way to notify other locations that a bad actor has moved to another location.

CAMERA: Entrance
LOCATION: Store 1234
TIME STAMP: 09/18/2019 – 13:57:09
FIRST LINE ALERT: unknown name

Robbed store 1234 on 12-2-18
do not allow entry into the store and
call the police

****This is an automated message****
****       DO NOT REPLY     ****