With over 100,000 full service hotels around the world the competition is becoming tougher every year. One common theme that all hotels and hospitality venues aspire is the safety of their patrons. The FR (First Line) facial recognition product is designed to help hotel management companies as well as their General Managers provide distinctive concierge capabilities for those frequent guests and better security capabilities for the general stay guests as well.


Hospitality – Hotels/Casinos – Managers can identify best customers immediately and are comforted with access control/accountability for count rooms and other areas in which keys are distributed to employees. Monitoring and confronting banned gamblers and known troublemakers at the entrance is very important to protecting the experience for the good customers. The most important mission for the hospitality industry is to ensure the safety of their patrons and provide a wonderful experience. Additionally, access control into key areas is critical. It’s important to know that the individual picking up their uniform or working in controlled areas is authenticated visually as cards and fobs are often lost or stolen.