First Line Protects Retailers from Theft & Violent Crime

Retailers have one of the highest risks of workplace homicide of any industry and store theft can cost even a modest convenience store more than $150,000 per year.

First Line intelligent facial recognition software has been designed by Blue Line’s security engineers and law enforcement experts to provide retail security, prevent retail crime and protect store personnel and patrons.

“The best thing retailers can do is keep the bad guys out. The second best thing is knowing when they are on the premises,” said Blue Line Senior Partner Maj. Joseph Spiess. “First Line automatically tells you when threats are around so you can take action.”

Spiess, a 32-year veteran police officer, leads Blue Line Technology’s team of security experts.


First Line intelligent facial recognition kit for retail security

The kit comprises three parts: The First Line software, the security appliance station and a server with a network connection. The kit can be scaled to cover multiple entryways in small, large or enterprise scale retail outlets.

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Regardless of the size of the installation, First Line intelligent facial recognition will:

Operators don’t need any computer skills beyond being able to read the text and email alerts. In fact, the built-in intelligence in First Line’s facial recognition system means it does not need to be monitored.

First Line’s unique “Face is the Key” option for late night or high-risk locations
Phrase-Retail-crime-facts2The “Face is The Key” feature is designed to keep doors locked if the security software detects a threat approaching.

The threat may be a known shoplifter or a person wearing a mask. Because more than 50 percent of late night crimes are committed by masked individuals, the door won’t unlock if a person’s face is covered.

First Line’s outdoor cameras are always placed in clearly visible locations. When people know their face is on video, they are less likely to do harm.

The “Face is the Key” feature provides an extra layer of protection for retail outlets that are:

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