Two Factor Authentication – 2FA-FLRS

“Poor Management of Security Badges Leaves Federal Buildings Vulnerable to Shooters, and Terrorist Attack”

They can steal your card, but not your face… Upgrade your access control and add threat detection simultaneously with a system that is easily tailored and layered to your specific needs.  Thousands of badges are lost/stolen each year leading to a need for a secondary biometric solution in sensitive environments. Some biometric solutions are intrusive and prone to misreads. With First Line Facial Recognition, you get the best non – intrusive secondary biometric solution with added capabilities of deterrence, threat detection, and alert capabilities.

How It Works & Features

User creates a database custom-designed database for his or her specific needs. FIRST LINE Facial Recognition monitors, detects, and alerts the user when a threat or unknown subject’s face is captured. Validates employees, contractors, and visitors entries. The software provides:

Face Identification: can be separated into three distinct categories: known, unknown and alert.

Notification on-site monitoring, emails, text messaging including camera location, name, notes, and photos of the alert.

Monitor Alerts: allow for playback video feature
Why is this the best biometric? Hands – free, hygienic solution leading a better adoption HD digital video record of events a proven deterrent Unauthorized personnel tracking and Immediate notification Layered solution that tailors to your needs

WIM (Wiegand Interface Module)
Proven to provide two factor authentication

The vulnerability of cards and fobs is eliminated with the addition of FIRST LINE Facial Recognition

Cost Benefits with First Line

Theft of time, data, and the assurance that the right people are where they should be are all cost impacts to corporations, airports, health care, and hospitality venues alike.

PROTECT data storage rooms from external and internal threats.
VALIDATE access control of employees, contractors, and visitors.
TRACK time and attendance
KEEP confidential data secure.
REDUCE cost of card replacement and guards.
INCREASE liability protection against workplace and domestic violence.

Why is this the best biometric?

Application Development

Casinos, Nursing Homes, Gyms, Government, Department Building, Corporations, Hospitals, Banks, Retail, Mass Transit, Schools

Two Factor Authentication White Paper